Empowering the Traction Industry with Planar Transformers

Himag Planar Magnetics supplies one of the world’s largest corporations within this industry. We are making significant strides in this expanding market, supporting services that include the repowering of locomotives and the supply of new traction systems, including specific power units and aftermarket services for locomotives.

Repowering Locomotives

One of our key contributions to the traction industry is revitalising locomotives. In an era where sustainability and efficiency are paramount, Himag Planar Magnetics excels in breathing new life into existing locomotives. Our expertise in planar transformer technology is harnessed to enhance the performance and efficiency of these locomotives, ensuring they meet modern demands while reducing their environmental footprint.

New Traction Systems

In addition to revitalisation, we specialise in the supply of new traction systems. Our innovative approach to planar transformer design allows us to deliver bespoke power units tailored to the specific requirements of the traction industry. These systems are engineered to maximise power density, ensuring the locomotives achieve optimal performance and energy efficiency.

Aftermarket Services

Our commitment to the traction sector extends beyond the initial supply. Himag Planar Magnetics offers comprehensive aftermarket services to maintain and optimise locomotives’ performance. With our support, locomotive operators can count on consistent reliability, reduced downtime, and enhanced operational efficiency.

Join us in transforming the traction industry with cutting-edge planar transformer solutions. Contact Himag Planar Magnetics to explore how our expertise can benefit your locomotive and traction needs.