Empowering High-Performance Racing

Motorsport is where precision engineering meets unparalleled performance. In this fiercely competitive arena, every component, every design choice, and every innovation matters. It’s a world where milliseconds can make the difference between victory and defeat, where the quest for speed and efficiency is relentless.

Racing Excellence: Formula 1 and Beyond

Our bespoke planar transformers have found their place in the heart of high-performance racing vehicles, providing crucial support to the intricate power electronic systems that drive these machines to their limits. From Formula 1 to endurance racing, from electric vehicles to hypercars, our products play a pivotal role in ensuring peak performance.

Lightweight, Low-Profile Design

What sets our planar transformers apart is their ability to deliver high power density in a compact and lightweight package. In the world of Motorsport, weight and space are precious commodities. Every extra kilogram or cubic centimetre can affect a vehicle’s agility and speed. That’s where planar transformers shine. Their low-profile design, made possible by copper foil lead frames and flat ferrite cores, ensures that they don’t take up valuable space or add unnecessary weight.

Planar Transformers: The Powerhouse

At Himag Planar Magnetics, we understand the unique demands of Motorsport. We are committed to delivering cutting-edge solutions that push the boundaries of planar transformer design, enabling motorsport and hypercar designers to maximize power density without compromise.

Efficiency: Maximising Power Output

Efficiency is another critical factor in Motorsport. Our planar technology offers significant reductions in AC resistance losses compared to traditional wire-wound equivalents. This translates to greater efficiency in the transformer, allowing the vehicle to make the most of its power source and deliver exceptional performance on the track.

Your Partner in Innovation

In the relentless pursuit of perfection, Motorsport engineers and designers need partners who share their passion for innovation and excellence. Himag Planar Magnetics is that partner. With our expertise and dedication to pushing the boundaries of planar transformer technology, we empower Motorsport professionals to reach new heights of performance and competitiveness.

Experience the Difference

Explore how Himag Planar Magnetics is driving Motorsport forward with our state-of-the-art planar transformers. Discover the difference that precision engineering can make in the pursuit of victory on the track.