350kW Transformer


Total output power 350kW
Topology Dual Active Bridge
PSU output DC voltage and current 200V-1400V @ 560A max
Primary Inductance 410µH ±25%
Primary Voltage 700V – 800V
Primary winding current 630A rms
Secondary winding current 560A rms
Switching frequency 50kHz
Minimum bus voltage 700V
Maximum bus voltage 800V
Turns Ratio, Primary to Secondary 6:4:4
Core Losses 580W
Winding Losses 750W
Maximum Efficiency 99.4%
Cooling Baseplate and clamp
Ambient temperature -40°C +70°C
Insulation test voltage
Primary to secondary 2500V rms
Primary to core 2500V rms
Secondary to core 2500V rms
Standard 1 EN60950
Standard 2 IEC62368


Introducing our high-power solution, a 350kW power supply unit designed for demanding applications. It features a Dual Active Bridge topology, ensuring exceptional performance and versatility.

This powerhouse offers a wide range of PSU output options, with DC voltage and current ranging from 200V to 1400V at a maximum of 560A. Its primary inductance of 410µH ±25% and primary voltage range of 700V to 800V make it adaptable to various power requirements.

With a primary winding current of 630A rms and secondary winding current of 560A rms, it delivers reliable power with precision. The switching frequency of 50kHz further enhances its efficiency.

Boasting an impressive 99.4% maximum efficiency, this unit minimizes energy losses. Its cooling system, featuring a baseplate and clamp, ensures optimal thermal management.

Operate confidently in a wide temperature range from -40°C to +70°C. Safety is paramount, with insulation test voltages exceeding industry standards, including 2500V rms between primary and secondary components.

Compliant with EN60950 and IEC62368 standards, it meets rigorous safety and performance criteria.

In summary, our high-power supply unit delivers exceptional performance and adaptability, making it the ideal choice for demanding applications. Count on its precision and reliability to meet your high-power needs while adhering to the highest safety and efficiency standards.