350kW Transformer


Total output power 350kW
Topology Dual Active Bridge
PSU output DC voltage and current 200V-1400V @ 560A max
Primary Inductance 410µH ±25%
Primary Voltage 700V – 800V
Primary winding current 630A rms
Secondary winding current 560A rms
Switching frequency 50kHz
Minimum bus voltage 700V
Maximum bus voltage 800V
Turns Ratio, Primary to Secondary 6:4:4
Core Losses 580W
Winding Losses 750W
Maximum Efficiency 99.4%
Cooling Baseplate and clamp
Ambient temperature -40°C +70°C
Insulation test voltage
Primary to secondary 2500V rms
Primary to core 2500V rms
Secondary to core 2500V rms
Standard 1 EN60950
Standard 2 IEC62368