Planar Technology

What are Planar Transformers?

The fundamental difference between planar transformers and traditional transformers is that, with planar, the windings are made from ‘flat’ copper foil lead frames or are integrated into a PCB. These are then sandwiched between thin, lightweight ferrite cores. This means that the bulky wire-wound transformers can now be designed into next generation products.

The advantages of Planar Transformers?

As well as the huge volume, profile and weight advantages, planar transformers also provide superior efficiencies, highly effective cooling possibilities, unrivalled repeatability, multiple winding options and can be applied to all switch mode power supply topologies with customised pin positions/terminals.

What Industries benefit from Planar Transformers?

Planar technology is currently widely used in high-frequency battery chargers, inverters, hybrid vehicles, telecommunication rectifiers, solar and wind power, medical and defence applications, inductance charging, welding equipment and many more.