Decades of Planar Transformer Excellence and Global Reach

Himag Planar has amassed more than two decades of expertise in the planar transformer field, complemented by a rich history in inverter technology and PCB design. As the leading global developer, designer, and manufacturer of planar transformer technology, we’ve crafted millions of planar transformers, including numerous customised designs.

Being part of a larger conglomerate, we are truly a global entity, boasting manufacturing and engineering design facilities in Israel, the USA, Asia, and the UK. Our capabilities span from crafting bespoke rapid prototypes to high-volume overseas production, ensuring we meet the diverse needs of our customers efficiently.

In October 2011 we acquired and expanded our facilities. We re-located to a purpose built facility in Gloucester allowing for much improved commercial facilities as well as expanding our production areas.

As well as housing world-leading design engineers, our current production facility, employing around 25 staff are able to fabricate thousands of transformers per month. Our production capability along with capacity is rapidly increasing and in 2015 acquired our building outright as part of our group strategy.