Himag Planar Product Range


All planar transformers are small and lightweight, however they do vary in size depending on the application. The physical size of the planar transformer is proportional to the power output that the application seeks to provide. The following table provides an indication of the power ranges that relate to each generic Himag Planar product. Once the power requirememnts have been established, we will tailor that product to a unique design, including consideration for the topology and fixing requirements.

Product Range Overview


Bespoke Design


Due to the nature of planar transfromer design, off the shelf designs are rare as each design will need to be customised and is bespoke to our customers requirements. Many of the products that we manufacture are unique and would only be used with the specific product they were designed for.

HImag Planar provides a specialist bespoke design service. The information below provides a guide to the size of transformer that your application may require. We would then tailor the relevant size to the individual product.


Fixings Options



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